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Common issues

Installing ESRI Add-Ins

ArcGIS version 10 introduced a completely new add-in/extension architecture. This topic contains information on how to install ESRI add-ins. show topic

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Installing the Add-in

To install the MxGPS add-in for ArcGIS 10:

  • Browse to the folder containing the MxGPS download.
  • Double-click on the MxGPS.esriAddin file to launch the ArcGIS Add-In Installation Utility:

    ESRI ArcGIS Add-In Installation Utility

  • Click the Install Add-In button to install MxGPS.

MxGPS Toolbar Visibility

If the MxGPS toolbar is not visible when you open ArcMap, go to Customize > Toolbars and make sure that MxGPS is checked.

MxGPS Toolbar Visibility

Troubleshooting: Add-in downloads as a Zip file

Some users have reported that the MxGPS.esriAddIn file is automatically renamed to a zip file by their system after downloading. To resolve this issue:

  • Browse to the location of the add-in file that you downloaded.
  • Locate the file and change the file extension back to MxGPS-10.2.esriAddin
  • Double-click on the MxGPS-10.2.esriAddin file to install MxGPS.

Note: ESRI Add-In files are just zip files with a different file extension.

GPS Connection Issues

MxGPS can connect to Garmin GPS units when in USB mass storage device mode or by using a serial (COM port) or USB cable. This topic contains information on troubleshooting GPS conenctions. show topic

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Connection and Power

It may sound obvious but the first thing to check is that the GPS device is properly connected and is turned on. If the batteries are old the GPS unit may automatically shut down due to insufficient power.

Garmin Device Drivers

Before your GPS can communicate with software on your PC the Garmin device drivers must be installed. These are available from the Garmin website:

Please consult your GPS device user manual for more information.

Other GPS Applications

If another application is using the connection port then it may be unavailable to MxGPS. Check if any other GPS applications are already accessing the device.

Other GPS software can also be used to validate that a connection can be made to the GPS unit. Garmin applications such as MapSource and xImage are great ways to make sure the connection is not the issue:

Please consult the Garmin website for more information on how to use these applications.

Garmin Communication Protocol

Some GPS devices have the capability to use different communication protocols. Make sure that your GPS is configured to use the GARMIN protocol when transferring data.

Please consult your GPS device user manual for details about how to change this setting.

USB-Serial Adapter Configuration

COM Port Only For USB-Serial Adapter users (older Garmin devices).

If you are using a USB-Serial adapter make sure that the COM port setting that the adapter uses is within the range that MxGPS will automatically scan (1-4). To change the port number for the USB-Serial adapter:

  • Open the System control panel
  • Click on the Hardware tab
  • Click the Device Manager button
  • Make sure the USB-Serial adapter is plugged-in
  • Navigate to the Ports (COM & LPT) node and expand it
  • Select your USB-Serial adapter from the list of devices
  • Right click on the USB-Serial adapter and select Properties
  • Click on the Port Settings tab
  • Click the Advanced button
  • Change the COM Port Number setting to COM1, COM2, COM3 or COM4
  • Click OK to close both dialogs

The Device Manager should show the new port setting:

USB-Serial adapter settings

Please consult your operating system help for additional details about how to change this setting.

Sleep Mode

Some computers do not reconnect to USB-Serial adapters after returning from sleep mode. To fix this issue safely remove the USB cable then reconnect it.

Troubleshooting Tips

MxGPS has a logging option that creates a log file of the processes that occur. This topic contains information on general troubleshooting. show topic

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MxGPS Log Files

You can set the option to create log files in the preferences - after this has been enabled all actions completed within MxGPS will be documented. This file can be very useful for troubleshooting issues. To stop logging actions disable the option in the MxGPS preferences.

MxGPS Preferences - enable log files

Contact support

Please check the common issues (above) before contacting support.

If you require technical support, please include the following information in your email:

  • The type of hardware you are using (GPS, connection type and computer).
  • The operating system you are using (eg. Windows 7).
  • What happened and what you were doing when the problem occurred.
  • The exact wording of any messages that appeared on your screen.
  • Create MxGPS log files:
    • Set up the Logging option in the preferences and run the same process again - see the Troubleshooting Tips (above).
    • Include the resulting log file as an attachment to the email.

When you have this information email it to: